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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Message to Humanity

Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara ji
Param Pujya Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara Ji has been serving the humanity for a long time. She is one of the most prominent and loved spiritualist of the holy land, India. She is not only a spiritual leader but also a great social reformer who wants to eradicate the social evils from the society. Didi Maa wants no more orphans or destitute women in this world that is why she originated the unique concept of ‘Vatsalya Gram’. There are a lot of success stories that are related to this divine place of love and affection. This beautiful village is located at Mathura-Vrindavan Road, the land of eternal love.

There are lots of places where the needy ones get appropriate love and care but at Vatsalya Gram the children are nourished with motherly affection too. Just imagine a child who is abandoned by biological mother, gets all love and affection needed through ‘Yashoda Maa’, the mothers at Vatsalya Gram. These mothers are destitute women but at this place they get a family that give them total satisfaction of motherhood. Nobody at this place is orphan as Didi Maa always says that no one can be helpless on the divine land of Raghunath and Vishwanath. 

The personality of Didi Maa is miraculous; she is a divine gift of God Almighty Himself to the mankind. She is really the incarnation of Durga and Saraswati at the same time. Wherever she goes, thousands of people come only to listen to her. She is humble in such a way that anyone can be easily fascinated with her presence only. She is the one who can make such things possible that are supposed to be next to impossible by a common man.

Didi Maa is inspiration of hundreds of people who want to and also serving the humanity. Under her great guidance, the Vatsalya Gram is developing by leaps and bounds. The environment of this place is great and people can feel the presence of Lord Krishna in every part. The world is really amazed with such a great, incredible concept, where everybody enjoys all the sweetness of life. After all, Didi Maa says”To serve a human being is just like serving God himself”.

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  1. Jai didi ! May your name be exalted, I just started listening to your sermons (on bhaagwat katha) and was so engrossed with the supernatural aura,
    Chrisma and the art of a perfect orator (which no doubt that you possess) that no matter whatever you envision inside you with an inner vision of yous to create something lively, really transforms the chit to visualize those unseen characters and scenes which we cannot do so unless we were actually present at that time which is nothing but a divine power being graced upon the real listeners to experience